Legal Brief Against Roe

Legal Brief Against Roe

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The United States Supreme Court just announced it will hear Dobbs v. Jackson, the first case in a long time that could directly challenge and OVERTURN Roe v Wade.

Action for Life is joining the case with an amicus brief, and we want to add your name to the brief showing the court that millions of Americans support ending abortion, once and for all!

Would you join this historic case to end abortion in the US?

Dobbs v. Jackson presents the opportunity to overturn the deadly precedent set by Roe. After nearly 49 years of legalized abortion, and over 60 million dead, it is past time to end the killing.

By adding your name to the brief, you will be standing against the horror of abortion, and your name will appear in the official Court records.

Join us, below.

We will keep your identifying information secure and private. Only your name will go on brief, along with (hopefully) millions of other pro-life Americans!

And once you’ve signed, would you consider making a contribution to help get the word out and bring in more signers? We need to show the Court that the time has come!

The deadline for joining this case is September 30th.

So please take action right away!